The Alebrije Snap Bracelet


Pronounced “Al-a-BREE-hay”, this awesome braided leather bracelet was a complete accident and yet is one of the more popular items we make. 

Alebrijes are animal spirit guides – often fantastical combinations of creatures – that originated in Mexican folklore and are commonly found in the form of carved, brilliantly painted figurines. These spirit guides, according to Oaxacan folklore, follow you throughout life and protect you from harm, warding off evil spirits and keeping you out of general mischief. We can’t promise these bracelets will do much of that, but they will look amazingly stylish and stay put whether you’re wearing one or five, with their handy snap closure and rugged yet pliable leather braiding. The more you wear them, the better they get.

To size, measure your wrist circumference in inches as you would to order a watch and choose your size based on your measurements.

Additional information

Color Options

Purple, Blue, Tan, Black, Oak Brown

Sizing Options

Small (up to 5.5"), Average (up to 6.5"), Large (6.5+)