The Chase Utility Pouch


A must-have for tinkerers and serious craftsmen alike. The Chase Utility Pouch fits most belts and holds a standard size Leatherman multi-tool (which, based on the manufacturer’s website, is approximately 4” tall by 1.4” wide by ⅔” deep). The handy snap closure makes for a quick draw when you need it and a secure hold when you don’t. You can order this handy leather pouch in the standard sizing or send us the measurements of your multi-tool and we’ll make it to your specifications.

Chase was all business, much like this pouch. A ruggedly handsome shepherd we knew absolutely nothing about the day he hopped into the back of our car, Chase ended up being the dog we never knew we so badly needed and could only endeavor to deserve. He was cool as a cucumber and knew how to have a good time but could switch into work mode at the drop of a hat and never left a job unfinished. Ever-present and always ready, the gentlest soul and kindest of hearts, his presence is missed every day. It’s hard sometimes to describe the impression a dog like Chase leaves; all we can say is that those who knew him, know.

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Cognac, Sienna, Matte Black